Department of Zoology starting its journey as an under graduate pass-course department in 1998. The department organizes classroom lectures, interactive sessions, lecture programme, field studies as well as significant seminars for the best benefit of the students. Department also arrange different awareness programme on different prospects and opportunity to which student can more for this future stand. The department has a well equipped departmental library with study materials book and journals. The department has specials extension activities like bio-diversity, aquaculture practices etc. The development of biological sciences leads to the upgradation of general life-style of animal and mankind. Technological intervention (based on physics, chemistry and mathematics) on the biological sciences is growing rapidly. This is the need of the time to focus on the holistic approach of life sciences, especially to animal studies for the sustainability of animal as well as human. The environmental factors and physiological response should be monitored very closely for an overall understanding the subject and society.