A Govt Aided General Degree College
Affiliated to Vidyasagar University (NAAC Accredited)

College History

Moyna College started its journey in the year 1972 when some local enthusiasts came forward to establish the college as they felt the need of an institution of higher education in Moyna where students had to travel long distances for higher studies. It would not be out of place to remember the contribution of the authorities of Moyna Purnananda Vidyapith who leased a portion of the land of the school as well as a building for the college in its initial stage. Most of the land the college possesses at present was actually donated later by the school. Mention should be made of the unsung heroes who extended their unstinting generosity to raise the requisite fund for the approval of the affiliating university. The college has remained anemic owing to paucity of land as well as funds. Nature has been malevolent on occasions when the college has been ravaged by floods causing damage to its assets/records. Lack of efforts was there; but when corruption joined hands, the college saw the blackest days of misfortune in its history. The college suffered for mismanagement and financial defalcation in the tenure of Dr. Amarendra Nath Bardhan, the former Principal of the college, who was suspended with effect from 28th May 2013 and then dismissed from his service with effect from 9th June 2014 after a disciplinary proceeding in terms of the West Bengal College Teachers (Security of Service) Act 1975 and the rules framed thereunder, though he went to High Court at Calcutta to quash the decision of the college. He has been finally dismissed from service with effect from 8th September 2015 after a prolonged disciplinary proceeding for the second time as per the order of High Court, though during the proceeding the Principal again went to the Court twice to stop the disciplinary proceeding against him. The administration has undergone a heavy workload during the past three years as it has conducted the enquiries and maintained all the formalities related to it in addition to routine activities of a college and developmental works. The Principal has now gone to the High Court at Calcutta, appealing for quashing the resolution of the Governing Body of the college. He has also gone to Vidyasagar University – the affiliating university with his appeal against the decision of the college. The hearing in the court is still pending; the university is yet to decide upon the date of hearing.